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ISO Quality Management Systems Implementation

Value Added
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Implementation

South Florida ISO 9001 Quality Management Consultancy

Welcome to the ISO Quality Consulting (IQC) website. My name is Paul Fray and I will be your host during your visit.

You are visiting web sites to find information regarding the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, how it may apply to your organization and what type of assistance is available to you.

The objective of surfing is to gather as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. I will always have links to appropriate ISO, Quality, Registrar or other sites that will be informative or interesting. Do not hesitate to surf on back from time to time and look over the links to see if they can help you gather the information you need.

Value Added versus Non-Value Added
Adding Value to Our Business Management Processes

The process of implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a value-added process in and of itself. As we begin to implement the management system we identify areas where we can and should eliminate the non value-added elements within the processes we are going to identify, document and analyze. This is an inherent element in the implementation process. If we do not fully and completely understand our processes, we will never make the transition from “business as usual” to becoming a “world-class organization”.

Notice to Service Organizations

Since the inception of the ISO 9000 Quality Management System in 1987 this standard has been considered specifically as a manufacturing guideline. The ISO 9001 was revised in Dec 2000 to make this business management model adaptable for organizations other than manufacturing facilities. The standard is applicable and appropriate for virtually all service type providers whether you are a contract design-engineering firm, a major hospital, a financial service provider or an employment agency. There are no restrictions as to the type of organization that can take advantage of and benefit from this excellent business management system.

The following services are available through ISO Quality Consulting:

  • Quality Management System Training & Implementation for the following discipline:
    • ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality Management System
    • The following training is provided as part of the project implementation:
      • Initial Orientation Overview (for steering committee)
      • Documentation Training
      • Internal Auditor Training
      • Root Cause Analysis
      • Risk Management (FMEA)
      • General Awareness

State of Florida - Training Reimbursement Grants

The State of Florida through the Incumbent Worker Training Program provides grant funding for training for existing "for profit" businesses. Through this program, Florida can effectively retain and keep businesses competitive through upgraded skills training for existing full-time employees.

This program is of particular interest for those companies that are considering the training and implementation of an ISO based Quality Management System as these projects qualify for the grants. The funding becomes available at the start of the state's fiscal year and grants are awarded until the allocation has been expended. The sooner an application is submitted the better the chances are that an organization would receive a funding grant.

ISO 9001-2015 Current Revision to the Standard (NEW)

Each organization must understand the “CONTEXT” of the organization (Business Environment) in order to become a greater success than what is current. Not understanding the business environment that an organization is operation in will only create confusion and a lack of understanding of organizational targets and goals.

The current ISO 9001:2015 revision to the standard mandates a much higher level of management participation than has ever before been required. Organizational management will be required to prove their very active participation in running the organization on an overall basis. This responsibility of participative management will not be delegated to a lower level of management.

Risk management will now play a critical part in determining how the organization will be managed. Every process has specific risks associated with it and they must be identified and mitigated prior to performing to the process.

How does an organization choose a knowledgeable facilitator / consultant?

Choose a hands-on facilitator / consultant that has a proven track record and can back it up with objective evidence of performance through well satisfied client referrals.

Obtain and verify several references.

Choose a facilitator / consultant that you can relate to and one that understands the details of implementing the higher level QMS that your organization needs.

Demand to see an ISO 9001 implementation (Gantt Chart) plan that details all the tasks, responsibilities and time lines that will be assigned to ensure completion of the project at the agreed upon time.

Choose someone that will contractually commit until you obtain the registration certificate.

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